22 Days Left of Summer



Autumn equinox starts September 23rd. We have 22 days left of summer! Make the most of it!! Do something extraordinary that makes your heart and soul smile! ❤ 🙂


When I Was Younger…



When I was younger, I figured that everyone was nice. I wanted to grow and learn more about the world. I thought that intelligence is what we should strive for and that everyone is innately kind and genuine. Little did I know that over the many years I would learn the hard truth that not everyone is truly considerate or compassionate –in actuality, this is an extremely rare quality. I’m not sure where all the sympathetic people went. Knowledge and intellect is something you can work towards –that’s the beauty of the human brain. The more stimuli you experience, the more you learn. We’re always learning. But where does kindness stem from? What makes a person empathize with the person standing next to them; makes them smile at one another; is naturally compassionate? There’s a genuineness that comes with being kind –it cannot be forced or coerced –if it is, then it is false. Kindheartedness comes from a deeper place of love and positivity. I think that many people have lost this connectivity due to the increased agitations and distractions in our world today. You’ve got to make an effort to get back to that place. All the answers and authentic truths are inside you already –there’s no reason to search for it anywhere else. The frustrations that come from searching for it outside of yourself is what causes maliciousness and spitefulness and this affects the people around you. Why seek something that is already within you? ❤ (picture by hplyrikz.com)


Let the Goodness Grow



Sometimes it gets so overwhelming trying to set your goals and really follow through with your dreams. Personally I find it difficult to keep my passion going. Try this approach… Don’t think about 5 years from now -think about the little things within your control right now and today. It will seem less scary and paralyzing if you break it up into parts you can actually mold and create. It will make your life and dreams more tangible. You can easily construct the good in your life that you want to. In turn, your positive actions will bring about more goodness, and who doesn’t want that?
(picture by recitethis.com ) 


The Universe Doesn’t Make Mistakes



When the world seems chaotic and everything seems off, it’s often difficult to give in to the idea that we have very little control over the Universe. We must surrender that need to control every little part around us and accept that there are just some things that are beyond our reach. During Mercury Retrograde, when it seems so apparent that the world has gone nuts and your thoughts seem to go haywire…use this as a humbling experience. We are such a small part to this extraordinary life. Just flow with it. Thankfully we can go back to “normalcy” today-Wednesday. (Honestly not soon enough…. I’ve had it….)

Excerpt from Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss.


Checking In



Instead of checking in on Facebook, try checking in with yourself! Be less in your head and more in your heart.


Be Courageous


Push yourself to accomplish your goals. Tell someone how much you truly care about them. I promise you that when you’re courageous, amazing and positive things will occur. Try it and tell me how it goes. ♡