What I’m Taking With Me -Lessons Learned in 2014 (Part Two)

The following is part two of four parts in a series that I will be posting over the next few days.

These are my own personal lessons that I learned in 2014; hopefully you can take something from them as well. ❤

What lessons did you learn in 2014? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


2. Let it go.

*starts singing Frozen song*

All Disney references aside…this year was very significant for me. Through a very difficult experience, I found another layer of forgiveness. I realized that I needed to stop holding onto things that no longer served their purpose in my life.

I believe that forgiveness and letting go is one of the most trying lessons that one can experience –sometimes others are never able to accept it. We’re only human –when we get hurt, our instinct is to close up like a shell and what hurts us is etched into our minds and hearts. Most of the time, remembering that pain leads us to clenching onto even more of our anger, fears, and other negativities. Our obligation to ourselves is to release these harmful reactions.

There was a very distressing event that I had experienced towards the end of 2013. I don’t think I’ve ever been more hurt or as angry as I became over it. It’s been a very tough process going through the repercussions including post-traumatic stress. Not only this, but the pain and hurt I feel towards the people involved as well as those that turned their backs on me continue to be heart wrenching. I still want to cry as I simply reflect. I feel it now in my heart –the tightening of my muscles as I still grasp onto the little bits and pieces of anger and misery that are remaining.

Letting go is in no way a simple practice –it’s a continuing and infinite progression. Memories spark emotions which lead to going through the process all over again –but it’s as if our weight gets lighter and lighter –chipping away until all we have left is the mere lesson that we were meant to acquire. No agony comes without meaning or depth –why do you think these emotions are so strong and overwhelming?

For a very long time, I continued to contemplate: what good would come from what happened? Over and over again there were still no answers. The only thing that began to make sense was my perspective in retrospect of the situation. The more I let go of my negative emotions, the clearer and less foggy the occurrence and the lesson behind it became.

Letting go and forgiving those that have hurt us is a tricky road but it is needed. We really cannot move forward if we are carrying all of the rocks and stones of the past –it’s just not possible. How can we embrace a loving and positive future when our hands and arms are full of animosity?



3 thoughts on “What I’m Taking With Me -Lessons Learned in 2014 (Part Two)

  1. Another brilliantly written post, Monique. I’m continually impressed at your strength & perseverance, despite whatever obstacles you’ve encountered. This one touched my heart dearly, because I’ve been through similar situations. I find myself still battling to forgive those who’ve hurt me in the past, or in the current present. As you said, forgiveness isn’t easy, and letting go is one of the hardest things to do (as well as apologizing when we’re in the wrong). But after reading this, I am going to strive to forgive & let go this year, and by doing so, move on and be able to grow and love more.

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  2. This was lovely. Letting go was a resolution of mine for 2014 as well. I, too, was betrayed and hurt in 2014/2013. It’s been a long road but i agree, forgiving and finding peace in your heart is a constant battle. Especially for the sensitive soul.

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    • Thank you so much Amani!! ❤ I truly appreciate it! I've heard from a lot of people that they've gone through a life-defining moment in the last two years. It's interesting finding out how they dealt with it and what they took from it 🙂


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