Stand Up -Not Just For Yourself But For Others




I will always speak up for myself and others because I didn’t realize how powerful my voice was until I had been silenced.
“Whenever one person steps up and says, ‘Wait a minute, this is wrong,’ it helps others to do the same.” – Gloria Steinem


My Dream



This is my dream.

Wanting to wake up early in the morning rather than having to.

Fluttering my eyes open casually at the end of my 4th or 6th REM cycle…sunlight filtering in through the shutters onto the sheets.

Grabbing my favorite coffee/tea cup and waiting for the sweet aroma of golden liquid to drip.

Sitting comfortably and leisurely at my desk, sipping the sweet, earthy flavor and letting it feed my inspiration and creativity…knowing that I have inspired and helped others.

My dream is to follow my passion and to wake up next to the one that I love everyday.

Now that I have it so vividly in my mind, I feel that it’s a reality that I can now create and mold to my liking. <3


Finding Your Perfect Path




When you realize in perfect succession, how each little step and instance in your life has led you to your passion. When for so long your path was not clear, and had so many forks and obstacles…Everything that has happened and will happen makes sense now. All of the puzzle pieces have clicked, snapped, and connected together. It’s time to take action! No matter how many doubts or fears you have that keep bubbling in front of your vision, attempting to dissuade you…they’re knocked down by your incredible vigor! Everything happens for a reason, and things that are meant to happen, will ALWAYS find a way. So now it’s up to you. :) <3


Be The Change



When I think of protests, I think of these images.
Nonviolent resistance. Sit-ins. Rallies. Marches. Picketing. Making love, and not war. Standing up for what you believe in. Influencing everything –the music, TV, film, literature, art…
That’s how real change is sparked. How you inspire millions to move together for a cause.
Anti-war, women’s rights, civil rights…Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King, Bob Dylan, Gloria Steinem, Bob Marley…all of these movements and their leaders ignited real transforming action. They influenced an entire generation to take charge and make a difference –peacefully.

Looting and violence is not a protest. Combatting brutality and violence with aggression only creates more hostility. This is not how change happens. Violence produces more violence and bloodshed.

Take note from those that came before you. Realize what succeeded and what did not. Research and get inspired. There’s a better way to create change.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi