Monique Adrianne is a beautiful 28 year old single woman residing in sunny Southern California with her family and her dog.

She reads, writes, paints, and has a serious Netflix obsession (we’ve considered having an intervention) in her free time.

She is a project coordinator for an international business trade company. Meanwhile she is working on sorting out the details on going back to school.

She would like to continue working on her BA degree in Psychology or Communications with a minor in Women’s Studies.

After much persistence from friends and family, she has decided to flex her creativity in a new way. She will bring you thoughtful, insightful, funny, and entertaining stories of her journey of meeting new people, dating and getting through her late twenties.

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Instagram username: @moniqueadrianne

My Purpose:

  • To inspire
  • Spark passion
  • Incite you to ask questions
  • Give advice
  • Share stories and experience
  • Share different perspectives
  • Inspire positivity
  • Instigate open mindedness
  • Encourage self-reflection and self-awareness
  • Serve as a guide for: love, dating, self-actualization, and positivity.

My Mission Statement:


  • I will provide inspiration and guidance for my readers; I will aspire to spark passion, encourage self-realization and always have my words come from a balanced, positive, loving, and gentle place within myself. Through what I write, I, myself will become more self-aware and  continue to learn more about myself and the world around me.


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